Our lovely ESN Team Oslo 

Amund - President

Hey! My name is Amund Noonan, I have a Bachelor in History, currently working on a Master in French. I first heard of ESN when I was on exchange in Rennes, France, and I loved the work they did so much I had to join ESN back in Norway! You’re most likely to see me at a guided tour, a presentation of nations, or at a party!



Junaid- Vice President

  • Study Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Became part of ESN to broaden my international experience
  • Photographer




Olav - Local Representative

I study at UiO and have a bachelor in materials, energy and nanotechnology. Spring semester 2017 i was on exchange in Utrecht (The Netherlands)  and it was one of the greatest time of my life. This was much due to ESN in The Netherlands for always having great trips/partys/events to go to. Conecting internationals and showing us a great exchange. And now I am really motivated to do the same for internationals at my home university. ESN is an easy and fun way to explore and really get to know what this country has to offer. Also if you can't tell from the image I really like cheese. :) 



Océane - Treasurer

Océane HEIER
19 years old
Half french half norwegian
Full time student in Oslo


Hey my name is Océane and I am the treasurer of ESN Oslo. I have been living in Oslo for a year and I am currently learning Norwegian, but my goal is to study medicine in Norway.

I became a member of ESN in January 2018. I learned about Esn during an association day and Davina (who sold me ESN) convinced me to come to one of the meeting. So I went to this meeting because I didn’t know anyone and I was quite lonely so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try. When I arrived in the meeting I immediatly felt this incredible atmosphere and energy and I wanted to be part of the group. ESN helped me to socialize and feel more confident about being outgoing. I have been helping out ever since and this semester I took the role of treasurer because I want to get more involved in this association I love. 




Bas - Webmaster


My name is Bas and I’m the webmaster of ESN for this semester. I’m studying Business Administration in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Currently I am on exchange here in Oslo. I follow four courses at BI Business School. I got to know ESN in The Netherlands already and keeped it in mind for my time abroad here. I joined a meeting and wanted to be productive besides school, so I joined to team when there was still a spot left!




​Rinke - Event Manager




Laura - Partnership Manager

I’m Laura. I studied Economics and International Management and I now live in Oslo.

My first passion is travelling and stay always with people coming from different countries because I believe it is important in order to be happy. This is one of the reasons why I’m now part of the ESN Oslo, but not the only one. In fact, I participated four time at the Erasmus+ program and the ESN has been a very important support for me, that’s why I want now be that support for people that are experiencing what I define ‘the best period of the life’.



Pauline - Public Relations Manager

My name is Pauline and I am ESN’s Public Relations responsible. I study Journalism and Media Studies at Oslo Met University. I decided to join ESN because it is, in my opinion, the best way to make friends and gain experience as a volunteer. I spent amazing moments with the team and learned a lot from the events and managing social media!