Oh guys, dont miss this hillarious presentation by Julien

This event is organized so you can get to know some of the many student societies in Oslo. First, There will be a presentation by Julien S. Bourelle, the author behind "The Social Guidebook to Norway" http://monda.no/ He will help you to crack the Norwegian social codes and give you a better understanding of your new host country.

Afterwards, you will meet the many different student societies in Oslo and can ask any questions you might have about what they do! In Oslo, many students are active members of a voluntary organization. The organizations serve as a meeting place and the tradition of voluntary work is very common in Norwegian society. Im sure it will look good on every CV as well ;-)

There are societies for students on particular study programmes, social clubs for specific faculties, and societies for the pursuit of hobbies and interests. Among the latter are theatre groups, choirs, publications, political societies and special interest groups.

The doors open at 18:30. We would appreciate that you arrive no later than 18:45. Julien`s talk will start 19:00. 

This is a joint arrangment with BI Business School, University of Oslo and Oslo and Akershus University College

19/01/2016 - 18:30