Let´s start this new year with great food from all around the world!! 

If you are a student who loves food and is interested in sharing your culture you are more than welcome to be part of the International Dinner for HiOA 2016. 

There are 2 ways you can participate:

1.- BE A CHEF!! 
Buy your ingredients (keep the receipt), cook at home a special meal (or dessert, soup, appetizers, sweets, drinks, salads, bread, entrees, snacks, etc.) from your country, bring your delicious cooked food at the event and share it with the rest of the students!! 

2.- EAT!!
If you are insecure about your cooking skills you still can participate by coming to the event and trying the food. 

It is a great place to meet students form around the world, learn about their culture, show your own culture and enjoy amazing food. 

If you want to be a CHEF at the event, then write an email to: hioa.contact.oslo.esn@gmail.com with your name and your country. You can also team up with friends. 

-ESN will refund you up to 200kr, so don't forget to keep the receipt and bring it to the event. 
-The meals have to be prepared readily at home, there is no kitchen at the venue.

Hope to see you all at the event with amazing food to share.

28/01/2016 - 18:00