FUN &FREE FOOD! The first Presentation of Nations event of the new semester! 

Norway and Ireland!

The countries will always be presented by locals. Maybe you want to present your homecountry next?

Beside learning about the countries you will also be tasting some national dish! 

This event has always been a big success, so be early if you want to experience a night you will be remembering for a long time!

Groups of students from the same country prepare a short (15-20min) presentation about their culture, traditions, funny facts, stereotypes, traveling advices, weird things, etc...

These presentations can include videos, live dances, live music... whatever interesting/funny that comes to your mind and is related to your country. A great way to show your culture is also by preparing traditional food! If you prepare food and keep receipts from shop, you will be refunded up to 200NOK!

Why should you want to do it?

To show other students a view into your country from perspective of a native (and then get it back from others). To step out of your comfort zone and have a great feeling of yourself - that you represent your country in the best way. To practice your presentation skills in english (you can get a feedback if you want).

Please contact:, if you are interested in presenting your countries the next time.

24/02/2016 - 18:00