When? 15th of January, 12.30

Where? Frogner Park

One city, three universities, two teams a lot of snow!!

UiO VS HiOA+BI Snowball War

Already hating someone but you can’t kick his ass?
Then invite that person at the Snowball War and join the opposite team, we give you the chance to destroy him!

Do you think Applied Sciences are cooler than Natural Sciences? 
Join the Snowball War and prove it! (Uio – HiOA)

Do you think the nerds from Applied Sciences & Natural Sciences need to learn how to do business?
Make them an offer that they can’t refuse to show up! (BI)

Do you have ninja skills but never had the opportunity to demonstrate?
Come to Snowball War for a manifestation!

Are you tired of snow?
Attend Snowball War and melt the snow in the face of the opposite team!


A. Two teams are made: Uio VS HiOA+BI

B. A fort built out of snow is the most fun way to set up a snowball fight. But it takes time to build a useful fort, so take about one hour before the fight begins to build your fort. The best way to build forts quickly is the same way you would build a snowman. Roll the snow and combine all your large balls of snow. Once you have a sturdy wall of shelter, attach a flag to a stick and stand proud of your territory.

C. While you’re building your fort, make sure to load up with ammunition. Make a huge pile of snowballs so that when the fight begins, you’re ready to attack and defend

D. Organization is the key. Assignments and job titles are a lot of fun and really good strategies:

1. Snipers
2. Mechanic (someone who makes snowballs and fixes the fort)
3. Captain
4. Snowtroopers (runners sent out to attack)

E. War has been declared to begin when the cool guy from ESN Oslo blows the whistle. Raise your flag and launch the first snowball high in the air to begin. However you attack and defend your fort is up to you, but the first team to capture the other team’s flag wins the game.

*No water-soaked or icy snow-balls are allowed. No honorable boy uses them, and any one caught in the ungentlemanly act of throwing such "soakers" should be forever ruled out of the game.

*No blows are allowed to be struck by the hand, or by anything but the regulation snowball, and, of course, no kicking is permitted.

Snowball fighting has an interesting background. During the American Civil War, soldiers would indulge in snowball fights to relieve stress, relax and have fun during the hard winters.

16/01/2016 - 12:30