Hei alle !

Now you are finally in Oslo:
*You have discovered your room that you will inhabit for the semester.
*You are a little more familiar with the city.
*You have met your first friends/acquaintances.
*You have met your first local people.

Now you have the chance to buy a Norwegian SIM card to be in touch with all of the people you met!
ESN Oslo will be selling Chess KontantGlobal SIM cards to all students in our office in Villa Eika.
Here are the details for the SIM cards:

SIM Pack Price: 50 NOK (the sim comes with 30 nok pre-paid traffic in it)

No monthly fee
Startup each call: 0/0,89 NOK
Calls within the Chess network: 0 NOK per min (0,99 NOK starting fee)
Calls to other networks: 0,89 NOK per min (including landline)
SMS: 0,39 NOK pr SMS
SMS outstide Norway: 0,69 NOK
MMS: 1,89 NOK
Data: 0.99 NOK per MB (20 kr max a day)
Chess KontantGlobal is a pre-paid calling card for those that want to call International or free of charge to other Chess costumers, if they have pre-paid or a subscription.
Chess KontantGlobal have very reasonable prices both in Norway and abroad
For more information about Chess KontantGlobal and prices:

Remember that we will only accept cash.

09/08/2015 - 00:00
1.30 - 4.30