Our lovely ESN Team Oslo 

Sérgio - President

Hi! My name is Sérgio and I am from Portugal! I am currently finishing my Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine and working in the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in the Research Department. I have lived abroad for the vast majority of my Academic run, both in Spain and Slovakia. Life abroad can be tough sometimes, as we strive to adapt to a brand new reality, new culture, new people... but it is within that diversity that resides the beauty of fulfilling life experiences. Erasmus Student Network enhances just that! When I moved to Oslo I took up the challenge of becoming ESN Oslo President and joining the family! Are you with us? Get ready for the best time of your life!:)



Amund- Vice President

Hey! My name is Amund Noonan, I have a Bachelor in History, currently working on a Master in French. I first heard of ESN when I was on exchange in Rennes, France, and I loved the work they did so much I had to join ESN back in Norway! You’re most likely to see me at a guided tour, a presentation of nations, or at a party!



Solvejg - Local Representative

Hi, I am Solvejg from Germany. During my Erasmus stay in Bergen I realized how much I enjoy being surrounded by internationals and meet new people every day. I joined ESN Oslo in January 2017 with exactly that in mind. Now I want that your stay in Oslo will be as great as mine."


Mathias - Treasurer

I'm 25 years old, busy finishing up my master thesis in IT. Never actually been on exchange but lived a year in Denmark and like to travel when I can.



Olav Grønbech- webmaster

I study at UiO and have a bachelor in materials, energy and nanotechnology. Spring semester 2017 i was on exchange in Utrecht( the Netherlands)  and it was one of the greatest time of my life. This was much due to ESN in the netherlands for allways having great trips/partys/events to go to. Conecting internationals and showing us a great exchange. And now i am really motivated to do the same for internationals at my home university. ESN is an easy and fun way to explore and really get to know what this country has to offer. Also if you can't tell from the image i really like cheese :). 



​Sien Van Tol - Event Manager

Hi! My name is Sien and I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve studied Linguistics and I love anything that has to do with languages (puns included). Last year I spend one semester at exchange in Oslo and I had a great time, so this year I came back to live and work here. I joined ESN so I can help out with giving the Erasmus students an amazing time they’ll never forget, just as I had last year!



Davina Hang - PR Manager

I’m Davina Hang. My favourite colour is purple and I like to eat pizza. 
I came to Oslo from Toronto, Canada to pursue my masters in OsloMet University. I wanted to be part of a student association so luckily a board position was up for PR Manager in ESN Oslo. I had no prior experience for this position and no idea what ESN was, but I learned by asking questions and seeing how others had done it. I’m grateful to have met so many interesting and fun-loving people from this experience. My 3 favourite things from ESN: fostering creative ideas, travelling to new places and eating snacks. Looking forward to my training with Eduk8 Madeira!