We’ve done Hiking and Grilling, now it’s time to get medieval! Norway in two words: VIKING AND GRILLING! Join ESN on a trip to The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskiphuset) and either come along, or join us directly at beautiful Hukodden to grill! 

You'll get to see the spectacular Viking ships, buried for over 1000 years, and meet the Oseberg women and the Gokstad man. Discover the Viking world through the artefacts left behind: sledges, a beautiful cart, tools and textiles. Experience the life of a Viking with the panoramic short film shown at the museum! 

Entrance: Free!

We’ll gather at Vikingskipene at 14.00!
How to come there: Take bus 30 - Bygdøy via Bygdøynes - to Vikingskipene. Best spot to take it from is Rådhuset or Oslo Sentralstasjon. The bus leaves every 10 minutes.

We will spend around 2 hours in the museum and after that we’ll all go grilling at Hukodden to feast and tell stories like the Vikings did in the old days.

If you don’t feel like going to the museum but you’d like to attend the grilling; that’s possible!
We will be at Hukodden at 16.00.

Make sure to dress warmly! The weather will get very cool in the evening!

Price for grilling: Free! 
We can’t carry unlimited food though, so make sure to bring some for yourself!

Fun guaranteed! We hope to see you next Thursday! :)

ESN is not responsible for injuries whatsoever during ESN activities

18/10/2018 - 14:00 to 19:00
Meeting Point: