ESN Oslo and TV­Aksjonen: Great SocialErasmus Project
This Sunday 18th October took place the very well known national event "TV­Aksjonen": the world biggest dugnad happening only in Notway.
Dugnad is a concept which allows adults and children to work together towards a common aim  which can be repairing a house for friends, selling toilet paper and cakes for a fotballlag, baking waffles for your kid's barnehage or cleaning the common garden with your neighbours. It gives you a great excuse to talk to people and make new friends. TV­Aksjonen ( the world's biggest dugnad happens only in Norway for the last 40 years.Every year up to 100.000 volunteers holding some kind of closed cups go from house to house to collect money for a cause. TV­Aksjonen can benefit people to get access to water, help refugees, fight for women's rights, fight against diseases or environmental disasters.
Every year, it is a new organization that can beneficiate of this event, this year Rainforest  Foundation Norway was the lucky one! This NGO supports the  traditional populations of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and  secure their rights. Their actions are in Amazon, Central Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania.
Involving international students in this event was a great way to lead them to a better understanding of the Norwegian culture. ESN Oslo, through the international project  SocialErasmus  ( decided to  take a part. A SocialErasmus project aims to involve young citizens during their mobility experience through activities that take social action, fostering change in the society. Therefore helped by some friends of ESN, we invited the students to get some free waffles and juice and we took the opportunity to inform them about the TV­Aksjonen and the Rainforest foundation action.
A presentation from a Grønn Ungdoms member as well as some performances by international students took place to have a great time all together.